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A Dynamic New Product
  • Integrated Thermoplastic Ltd.,a unit of UPVC Group of Companies has developed Ring fit pipes to overcome problems commonly experienced in solvent cement jointing of higher diameter (above e 160 mm) uPVC Pipes
  • These UPVC Gold branded Ring fit pipes offers excellent advantages over other uPVC pipes specially for underground applications
The Ringfit pipe convenience and advantages
  • Pipelines utilizing Ring fit pipes can be taken up for pressure testing immediately on completion of the section. Unlike for solvent cement joints, the waiting period required for solvent cement jointing is entirely eliminated, resulting in short installation duration
  • Ring fit pipes are easy to install in the field, Ring fit pipes of diameters below 140 mm can be jointed by hand pressure. For large sizes a pipe jack is available for the purpose
The Ring fit flexibility
  • Pipe lines made with Ring fit pipes automatically accommodate liner expansion and contraction thus eliminating the need for expansion loops as are required for solvent cemented pipelines
  • Slight shifting of soil or bending of the pipeline upto 2 degrees per joint can be easily accomodated by Ring fit pipes
The unique Elastomeric Sealing Ring
  • Ring fit pipes are fitted with a special elastomeric sealing ring with has many advantages over natural rubber
  • It is not affected by ozone, ultraviolet radiation (sunlight), bacteria, fungus and termites
  • It is resistant to salt water, organic vegetable oils, dilute acids, dilute alkalies, aqueous chlorine and other pollutants and contaminants found in communal sewage and waste water
  • It has prolonged self-life and Manufacturers claim a shelf life over 50 years
  • Highly reliable and robust. Tests have shown that Ring fit joints successfully withstand pressures beyond the specified testing pressures for the pipe.
Precautions to be taken
  • While jointing higher diameter pipes with solvent cement, the cement applied sometimes tends to dry before the joint can be completed, resulting in imperfect joints leading to leakage when used. This situation could be avoided by applying correct quantity of solvent cement and quick jointing of pipes and too little solvent cement will lead to weak or leaky joints, and too much will result in accumulation of cement inside the pipe which eventually weaken the area adjoining the joints
  • Solvent cement is inflammable and calls for extra care in handling. Its life deteriorates if it is exposed to the sun and after longer periods of its storage
CS Casing Pipes - Table - In All Dimensions &MM
General Dimensions

  Min Max Min Max
150 165.0 165.4 5.7 6.5
175 200.0 200.5 7.0 7.8
200 225.0 225.5 7.6 8.8
250 280.0 280.5 9.6 11.0

DN Inches
163mm 61/2
213mm 81/2
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